Microsoft Office

Have you difficulties to access your MS Office or have some other technical issue with MS Office ? so Here we are to solve all kind of issues with MS Office

MS Office one of the best produce of Microsoft and that is available with multiple version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft has changed MS office feature according to the time and now user can download it from the Microsoft website it is very successful software all over the globe.

MS Office can work with multiple forms and it can use for all kind of organization documentation works and the users can use according to their work. like if your student then you can use the student version there is a various option is accessible and that is also free of cost it will allow activating only for student computer only that software cannot use for business organization and if you are running as a business or if you need a home user so there is a lot of versions is availablet.

to handle all kind of difficulty with Microsoft Office we have a skillful team with live Tech solution and live Tech solution team is available 24*7 so if there is any issue you can call directly on the toll-free number +1-800-565-7782 or you want chat support you can visit And we have noted here some typical problem with MS Office. while you will office setup or office download it shows some error or it can be mass downloading then the user cannot run it again it might be asking again verification from the user then their office support number in the website so the user can call on the toll free number to verify the account then it can work again or if there some activation or office setup issue then you can also reach directly on chat or call to the Office support phone number .

Office versions

1.1 Microsoft Office 95
1.2 Microsoft Office 97
1.3 Microsoft Office 2000
1.4 Microsoft Office XP
1.5 Microsoft Office 2003
1.6 Microsoft Office 2007
1.7 Microsoft Office 2010
1.8 Microsoft Office 2013
1.9 Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 365

What is Microsoft Office 365?
Office 365 is a package of software’s like ms word, PowerPoint, outlook, ms excel, etc. offered by Microsoft, it is a cloud base software that provides 1 TB storage user can access data from anywhere. All office 365 plans include an automatic update.

How to download Microsoft Office 365?
Step 1.
Go to and, Sign in with your Microsoft account.
Step 2.
Now you are on the official page now select install office.
Step 3.
Select the version according to your system.
Now The download begins.

How to install Microsoft Office 365?
1. According to your browser, select Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox).
2. The install begins.
3. After installation process animation will start select close.
4. Your program has downloaded.

Trouble to access Microsoft Office 365
Once you know about office 365 and then want to access it then there are lots of questions in front of you like.
1. How to download ms office 365.
2. How to install ms office 365.
3. MS office support phone number.
4. MS office 365 product key.

And also sometimes when you install ms office 365 or work on it some error occurs like..
1. Ms Office 365 error code 0xd000ffe.
2. Ms Office 365 error code 30010-4.
3. Ms Office 365 error code 30068-4.
4. Ms Office 365 error code 30016-4.
5. Ms Office 365 error code 0-1018.
6. Ms Office 365 error code 0x4004f00c.

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